Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

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Refunds and Returns

At Drug Pill Store, we assure on Refunds and Returns.

In order to keep up to the promise that we offer on satisfaction, we will offer another package or issue a refund on request in the event that your order gets damaged in transit or if you do not receive it at all.

Those who receive partial orders will get a full refund, and from there we will charge the remaining balance. This is to ensure that you get fully indemnified in the process. We will only charge you for the products that you have received.

Our delivery time is usually 30 days from the day of shipping. If you do not receive the package during that time, send a request ticket to us through the Refund Section and we will act promptly on your request. The same applies in the event that you get a notification that your package has been returned to sender or is on hold

For any questions or concerns as regards your transaction, send us an email or raise a ticket through the Support Section.

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